Thursday, January 24, 2019

The View From the Grave

This is a picture of me sitting on my own grave. Grin. It's in the cemetery at Nye, Montana, where sister Shelly's ashes were interred. Two to a plot for ashes, so voila! Mom & Dad will be next to us & my brother Mikol & his wife Amanda on the other side. Sister Tracey & her husband Mike will hang out at the Rancher Cemetery with a bunch of other relatives. It's practically spitting distance from their farm.

My mom is not the most adept cell phone picture taker & besides it was blowing like crazy & we were freezing, so we didn't linger to take a better one. But the view is great!

Blog alternative:
317. Pick out a few places you might want for a final resting place. A teaspoon at a time, you could spread yourself around--or, rather have someone else spread you around.