Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inspired moments of inertia

my (current) journal,
being the journal du jour
& the journal of the flow

& one of the beings which flowed onto the pages
with the help of Le Pens

I'm at the (another) coffee shop again.
This time doing taxes.
(hence the blog. grin.)

It's April in the mountains, which means spring is fitzing & startzing, waxing & waning, mooning us & wooing us, cooling & warming. It was around 80 a day or 2 ago & it was 53 when I drove here this afternoon. I love spring. & fall. The transition seasons. Also winter & summer here, which, because of this wonderful combination of latitude & elevation, have those quirky, unseasonable days. New year's day 2007 it was 70 degrees, & sometimes summer gives us a blustery, shivery day to help us appreciate the heat.

Umm, you say, didn't you tell me you were doing your taxes?

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Okay, see ya later.

Blog alternative:
124. Creatively procrastinate. Use the moment of inertia of a stalled or unstarted task to inspire you to some other great work.
(Or trivial pursuit of happiness.)