Saturday, April 19, 2008

To angels, bees, snowmen, race cars, plastic...

Happy Birthday to ME
& the Earth.
To daisies, roses, shooting stars, stars in general & the sun in particular. To butterflies, quantum physics, sudoku, blank pages, geometry, clouds. To photosynthesis, cotton dresses, le Pens, organic sweet baby pecan tarts, cockroaches, purple shoe laces, digital cameras, shadows, everything that shows us what we would prefer, bridges, mail. To writers, editors, & agents. To tea, candles, sex, Leonardo da Vinci, helicopters. To punctuation (even poorly-used). To lemonade, messy hair, mountains, hot air balloons, rainbows, cell phones, architects, hunger, the cello. To chocolate, dancing, Thoreau, making mistakes. To spring, chickens, opinions, windows, the word residue, massages, blue. To laptop computers, sandwiches, walking, babies, noisy motorcycles, full moons. To butter, debates, thunderstorms, sidewalk chalk, nitrous oxide, chaos theory, cartooning. To Marines, light bulbs, jade, spinach, philosophy, cream. To beginning to know who you are. To the journey. To you.

Blog alternative:
125. Make a list of things. Things you like & things you thought about while you were thinking about things you like. & add a butterfly.