Friday, April 25, 2008

Love Triangle: Me, Me & Whomever

This is me at Modigliani's grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris (October 2005). It was taken by a journalist from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who had lived in Paris for 13 years at that point (& abroad for 25). I just happened across him (hah! like we believe in that!) & we shared some good conversation & a couple meals. I even wrote him a poem, about learning to speak other languages--he taught himself 4, beginning in 4th grade, with the Berlitz Self Teacher series. So, bonjour to Rick in Paris.

I just received a message from my dear new cello friend in Arizona, bemoaning the fact that it has been a long while (nigh onto a month!) since he wrote me. He's been very busy--

check out the new videoblog:

& the computer has been commandeered by his father & brother doing taxes & blog stuff

--& he was feeling sad that we'd had this hiatus. I assured him there was no scarcity in the supply of Laurel or good energy or anything he needs. I think it's important for us to spend as little time as possible missing people.

I know, this flies in the face of most theories of friendship & connection, but I'm pretty darn sure that the better each of us connects with our own inner being & the more love we lavish on that relationship, the more we will have to share with others, without that feeling of guilt for not having called or written or whatever. When we do connect then, it will be with a sense of pure unadulterated joy. Love thy neighbor as thyself--well, the more you love yourself, the more you can love your neighbor. Who's the most important in the love triangle of you, your inner being & any other person? (I'm hoping any other person is a distant third. After all, you & your inner being are the only ones you can count on being around 24/7/365.) Be assured that I do love you--almost as much as I love me. & whoo, you know that's a whole lot. Grin.

Blog alternative:
126. Make a date with your inner being. Make sure to take into account those inner preferences. Art museum? Rodeo? Hot dog stand? Tanning salon? Buddhist retreat?