Monday, May 12, 2008


pink petal drift

I stepped squarely into a dilemma after posting last time. Cathy tried to warn me (see her blog at Yaypigeons if you want more consistent grammar than you've found here) but by the time I'd checked my email my possessions had all paired up & I had twice as many to pare down. It was a veritable dominos effect--add that innocent "s" & suddenly your place is full of pizza boxes!

I do know the difference between pair & pare, as I'm sure most of you do as well. But the homophones are out to get us. Admit it--even you occasionally put it's in its place. I know I do. It's saddest when I'm using a pen, all those little scribbled out apostrophes...

We've got us a cool & windy day here in the North Carolina mountains. Makes me feel right at home, little wind-blown Nye-Montana-grown chick that I am. I've got to get out into it & let the wind style my hair for me. (I know you've been wondering how I get that "do." If it's not windy, you can open the driver's side window on the car &--as we used to say when we were kids--spin a wheel & gas it.)

So, mind your pares & pairs & give each it its due diligence & beware of contracting apostrophitis. It's time for this bit of it to get going. Hasta la deja vu, y'all.

Blog alternative:
129. Say "No" to someone who wants you to do something that you don't want to do. If it ain't good for you, it ain't good to do. (The added bonus for this is when you say "Yes" you'll know you really mean it.) (& yes I know there should be a few more commas in this paragraph but I didn't feel like putting them in.) (,,, Here are a few in case you'd like to insert them yourself.)