Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Key to a vacation with sweet tea & thunderstorm

This is Nick, on his raft, the crowning achievement of his summer job at Virginia Tech this summer (I'm sure his job was great, too, but I think the raft is way coooool.)

I thought I'd put a picture of Nick, in honor of his upcoming graduation.

You might expect me to be packing or doing laundry buying le pens or something like that today. I expected that of myself--until I locked myself out of my apartment & my car. So here I am in a coffee shop (fortunately I had my computer & journal with me) waiting to hear back (fortunately I had my phone) from a friend who has a key to my apartment (fortunately). So I'm enjoying myself & some sweet tea (fortunately I had $ with me) while I wait. Oh, & did I mention we have a thunderstorm brewing?

I was (fortunately) iffy on whether I wanted to do the laundry today or tomorrow, so I'm not stressing out about not doing it today. If I was scattered enough to lock the door without checking to see if I had my keys, then clearly I just needed to chill for a while anyway.

Blog alternative:
130. Pretend you locked yourself out & take a mini-vacation. After you've sufficiently chilled, you can pretend to find your keys--Oh look! There they are, in my pocket!--& head for home.