Monday, May 5, 2008

Maple buttercream icing with smoked sea salt

Poets Ascending
Crag Cave, Ireland
September 2005

I started this a few days ago (went as far as choosing a picture) & got busy. Been looking at houses. Greenville is pretty cool, with MUCH lower prices. Of course, it may not be as cool as its more mountainous sister, Asheville, especially in the summer. So we'll see if I turn into a more southern southern girl. (Greenville is in SOUTH Carolina.) I did look at a church here in Asheville, for sale as residential, but it would take a LOT of dollars to convert it into livability. I looked at several houses today as well, some with mold/mildew, so I'm scheduled for a BATH as soon as I get home. (This blog post is being brought to you by CAPITAL letters.)

I'm at the chocolate lounge right now, so I will not linger at the keyboard. I have a piece of cake with maple buttercream icing waiting for me, dusted with smoked sea salt. Plus I just had a--it was delicious, so don't gross out--beer float.

With me being busy choosing not to blog, I am hoping that you are being busy doing whatever it is you're doing & are not too upset that I haven't blogged.

Okay, so I'm out of here.

Ummm, Blog alternative:
127. Combine 2 foods and/or beverages that don't seem to go together. (I recommend an interesting beer & vanilla ice cream.)