Monday, February 27, 2012

Eye candy can do what you do do well, boyz & girlz

I bought a trumpet today. It's been eye candy-ing me every time I walked past the antique store that windowed it. The antique store that's going out of business here & being reborn in another form in Charleston. The antique store that drew me in today on my way to & from doing some other work & the asking price -- cash only -- was $1 less than I had in my wallet. (The reason I had that particular cash in my wallet anyway was because I'd already gone to the bank to get cash to buy a display shelf for $20. Now that was a great deal, too.) So, now, I have $1 & a trumpet. (Okay, I have far more than $1, but now I have a trumpet, too.)

So funny, because the trumpet was the one thing Derrick wanted from that store, although he had only walked past it when it was closed. (I'll let him use my trumpet. He actually kinda sorta from grade school days knows how to play.)

I was going to show you my trumpet -- or at least its shadow, for I took pictures of me carrying it home -- but I don't see, in this very second, the cord that hooks my camera up to my computer, so the trumpet picture will have to wait. To stay with the musical theme, though, I have a picture of an old piano that lives in an art gallery that is attached to a wine bar.

I've been having fun with still. Here are my Frequently used words from 27 February 2012 (see, I do do dates that way).

already also art back car cool could derrick door ex go going got he just little might mirror my not now paper piece show somewhere still stuff trumpet up

Blog alternative:

226. Think about some eye candy you've seen in a window. Imagine a place for it in your home or office. Or, imagine it displayed in a restaurant or coffee shop that you frequent.