Friday, March 15, 2019

Pocket handkerchief not required

A pewter goblet, spilling adventure
out into the universe.
In case you're feeling the urge to run off with a bunch of dwarves & no pocket handkerchief--I might have a partial explanation. Yes, spring could be involved, or the hope that the idea of spring is not mythical, that it will in fact occur this year, preferably before the fourth of July...

I had a little empty alcove on top of my cabinet & had the hankering to put a new container up there. What better than a pewter goblet filled with adventure!

So, if you've got a little extra adventure spilling into your soul, or into your life, here's a possible explanation. I toast to the adventurer in all of us.

Blog alternative:
324. Come up with a good adventure. It needn't be something you'll actually do today, or in the near future, or, even, ever, but something that gets your soul stirring. Look at books that inspired you when you were younger, current movies, an old daydream. Who knows, you might even want to take a little action step...or leap off a cliff into--what?