Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Or, you can have what's behind the curtain...

Here are a couple other little productivity tricks I use. I couldn't take a true picture of the first one, since the little sticky note heart with NOT YET on it goes on the face of the very thing that takes the pictures. (A phone has a hard time taking its own selfie...) So I stuck the note on my charger stand as a stand in. When your phone is telling you not to mess with it, you don't check your email, your texts, your facebook. Works like a charm, if your charm is made out of a pink heart-shaped sticky note. Just started, but it is already a winner.

The other technique is one I've used for a long time: the TV cozy! This one is a cool wrap-around skirt. If you see me at a con sometime, you might be taken aback & ask why I'm wearing my TV cozy. I have found that if you have to unwrap something to use it, you think about it before you act. Do I really want to watch TV right now? Might I do something else? The answers are frequently NO & YES, in that order.

Blog alternative:
323. Put a cozy on something that gets a little more of your attention than you really want to give it.