Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coon Dog Days

(As my friend Cathy puts it, "I don't understand the blogosphere." This was supposed to be dated Tuesday the 12th. Ah well.)

I have made my travel plans: I was going to drive to Minnesota & Montana & back, but decided that was a lot of driving. Kind of a long trip as well, since I'm going out to Montana again at the end of July for my 30th high school reunion.

So I decided to fly.

To Seattle.

Huh? I can hear you thinking. But Seattle's way the heck wester than you need to go.

Au contraire! I counter. I am going to my cousin's wedding in Bellingham, a week before all the other stuff I was going to do. I'll ride back to Montana with my parents & somehow magically get to Minnesota (probably involving a car) & fly out of Minneapolis.

You shake your head, thinking, no doubt, that I was already thinking the trip was kinda long & involved a lot of driving & now here I am actually adding driving, including a car trip with my parents (some of you are pulling your hair at this point),
& another week. But my parents are actually fun & I like to hang out with them. (No, really!) As for the extra week--you know how it is when something is exactly the thing you ought to do. You just KNOW it's right. (Plus I got this really great plane ticket deal.)

The only bad thing about the trip is--


I'm going to miss Coon Dog Days in a nearby town. I'll have to plan ahead for next year. (I almost spit chips & salsa across the table when my executive assistant told me about Coon Dog Days. Not sure the wait staff would have noticed--they were high on something or other.)

Now that we have had our moment of silence for the fact that I will miss Coon Dog Days, I want to enlist you all in a project. At least once a day, or as often as you think of it, say--silently or out loud--"All is Well." (Not will be or might be or once was or should be, dammit but is.)

All is Well.

You don't have to believe it. Pretending is all right. Just saying it is fine. Believing--even for a second--Great. Imagine you're in a story & around you--or not around you, but around someone--things look bad & you can't see how the happy ending could possibly happen but you know the book ends well. However you want to get yourself to say it. But say it. Purty please. (Might even make you feel a sense of relief for just a second, & that's worth a lot.)

An update on the tadpole situation. The little shaft of deeper water was sunk down into less deeper. Some of the tadpoles in it were swimming & some of them were floating belly up--or belly sideways, if you want accurate reporting. A frog did jump into the depths. But clouds were rolling in. I cannot guarantee that it rained at the Arboretum, but rain it did in Asheville. Yay, hurray! Tadpoles, take heart.

Blog Alternative:
57. Come up with a so-far-from-the-direct-route-it's ridiculous trip that encompasses several locations where there are things you want to do. Look at an atlas & think of the road trip, or check discount airline websites & click on the multi-city option. (Bonus if there's a magic-happens-from-here-to-here portion.) (Extra bonus if you take the trip.)