Saturday, June 9, 2007

Of these two blurred musicians...

We got another couple tablespoons of rain. Since last I blogged, I've walked at the Arboretum & at Flat Rock (the Carl Sandburg estate). Happily, at the Arboretum I discovered that at least some of the tadpoles survived--there's a couple foot square deeper shaft of water that may go to the lost waters of Atlantis. When I started toward it to peer into it, there was a frog-sized splash! Hurray for the transformation of tadpoles.

I feel like a tadpole now, swimming toward great & greater growth. I can feel my little legs forming. Not exactly sure what they're for yet, but give me time.

I came up with another analogy. I just LOVE analogies. (Not allegories, though. Can't stand them.) (Hmm, wonder what the difference really is....) Okay, while I ponder that, I'll share the analogy with you.

Correcting Vision

If things are blurry or unclear, you don't go & put a big magnifying glass on each thing. You correct your own vision. Slowly. Incrementally. Moving toward clear vision.

Those of you who've been to the optometrist know the drill: Of these two blurred lenses, which is best? This, or this? This or this? which you answer in a (sometimes) gosh-who-can-tell? fashion until you have a prescription that allows you to see better.

As your eyes change, the prescription must change as well. Old glasses on new eyes leads to yet blurrier vision. Sometimes you're wearing someone else's prescription, so no wonder things look messed up & confusing. Sometimes they (society? the education system? your church? your employer? fill-in-the-blank) put glasses on you because you're seeing things differently & they can't have that...

Blog Alternative:
56. If you're lucky enough to live in a place where there are street musicians (In downtown Asheville they're sometimes 3 to a block!) stop & listen to one. Don't just throw a buck in the guitar case or hat. Really listen for a song or two. That is almost more appreciated than the buck--but go ahead & give that as well.