Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wifi & Key Lime & Iced Mutan White Tea

It's raining again! We're not even on the plain in Spain, & yet the rain. Again.

I'm not going to linger long at the keyboard because there's this wonderful key lime something to eat. My executive assistant just helped me hang some pictures in my apartment. It's like I live there now. We're rewarding ourselves with wifi & key lime cheesecake & iced mutan white tea. Delish!

A meditation from the other day at the Arboretum:
Beloved Universe,
here is my peace.
By receiving it,
I offer it to you.

(& then you do it again with love, & joy, & whatever else is good.)

Blog alternative:
58. Walk around your home with a hammer & nail & a painting or photo or somesuch. Try it in different locations. (It helps if you have a friend or an executive assistant (or, as in my case, both) around to assist you in the execution of this plan.)