Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pond Scum vs. The Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders

So I sit down at a coffee shop in downtown Billings, Montana, & the guy at the next table looks familiar, but I think that would be too much of a coincidence & get to work on my email. Then I look up & he winks at me & I start laughing, because it's my cousin's husband from Arizona, also here for the Melstone All-school reunion. Definitely a small world.

I know, it's been days again. R.J. the dog is continuing to do okay, so the vet is cautiously optimistic. My other sister's cat, Chocolate Kisses, did not fare so well. She was having kittens & then not having the rest of them and--no more Chocolate Kisses. The 4 kittens who were born did not survive the loss of their mother, since the aptly-named Chaos had a hissy fit when my sister tried to persuade her to nurse her grandkittens. Chocolate Kisses was a fabulous cat, so she is missed.

What have I been doing while I wasn't blogging? Here's a sample:
  • helped clean out some junk from part of the barn so my sister & her husband could store some antiques in there & actually get to their tools.
  • bottle-fed a calf who was scared of me because I was wearing a skirt & she'd never seen one before.
  • helped cook various meals for all the people who were working a lot harder than I was was (swathing & baling & such)
  • did some scrubbing & painting of walls in Forsyth, where my sister's new pastor will be moving in soon.
  • got exposed to my year's dose of television. (not that people watched all that much, but I don't watch TV at all, so even a little seems like a lot. I think next time I'll excuse myself, because it's insidious--I'm embarrassed to admit I want to know who the 30-yr-old bachelor will pick for his true love, a woman in her 40s or one in her 20s. sheesh.
  • more rubbing & energy work on family members & one of the women who was painting in Forsyth, who broke her neck as a child, so painting ceilings is hellish for her, even if they are in a parsonage.
  • washed all the sheets from the beds upstairs where my nieces & nephews & I had been sleeping so they'd be ready for the next crew, whoever & whenever.
  • napped & meditated. (hey, I freely admit everyone else worked harder than I did...)
I think I did do more stuff, but that's all that comes to mind right now. Now I'm here in Billings, wifi-ing. There's a cousin's reunion (Dad's side) tonight. I've visited with 2 aunts & an uncle (Mom's side) already & if the cuz thing doesn't go too late & we're not too tired there's another family thing at another cousin's place (Mom's side) going on at the same time. An embarrassment of riches.

I'm going to get my free refill now & relax for a second.

Blog alternative:
62. Play Battleship, or checkers, or Uno, or Aggravation, or some other childhood game. (Or, play Apples to Apples (you need at least 3, & more is better) which is a game about nouns & adjectives (it's WAY more fun than I making it sound--where else might you get The Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders compared to Pond Scum)