Thursday, August 9, 2007

And joyfully, we danced on the roof of the truck!

On Tuesday
my executive assistant & I came to the coffee shop to do email & such on our way to see her new apartment, which isn't far from mine. She's looking for a car, so I called my car-boy Zach & he told us to check & while she was doing that & I was re-reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, we got sucked into watching 2 back-to-back episodes of Law & Order. (I'm SO glad my tv isn't hooked up to anything but the dvd player...) It was really fun, like a movie night out, & we were happy to have done it & happy we don't choose to do it more often. But, the big benefit is that it kept us at the coffee shop until 8 p.m.
on our way to her apartment, Elizabeth noticed the sun, so we turned right around & parked her truck in a parking lot & leapt out to appreciate it, so round & orange. We danced & shouted our love out & just had a fab time. We got back in the truck & then this little dark nibblet of cloud began to pass just over the bottom of the sun, like a slow wave, so we got back out to appreciate it some more
& then the show began in earnest!
These well-defined shapes began their dance across the sun's face. Another wave. Then a figure bending down & rising up & a hand reaching out from the other side. Then the clouds conspired to make an orange-gold question mark. Then a bird--a dove!--& more beautiful shapes.
The best part of all this, though, was as the trees rose--for we will be astronomically accurate & recognize that we are in fact turning, rather than the sun sinking--we needed to be higher up. Elizabeth whipped the tailgate down & we got up in the truck bed to admire the show from there. The earth continued to turn, as it will, so we climbed up on the roof of the truck--Elizabeth with long legs & alacrity & I with short legs & a short dress & help from Elizabeth--& watched until the trees & clouds covered it completely.
So beautiful.
So unusual.
As if it were appreciating our appreciating & speaking to us personally.

Wifi has been a little weird this week, hence the lag between posts. I went to Best Buy again & stood in their toxic air-conditioning & got some help & got some stuff that turned out to be all wrong when I got it home & had extricated it from its little plastic outerwear & I was hot & dismayed about the stuff & I stuck it in a bag & got in the car to go back & realized I was not in a positive state of mind, so I went around the block & went right back home to meditate & find true inner peace (not so hard, when you're really looking for it & expecting to find it) & watched a dvd (The Secret Behind the Secret) & got all bright & glowy again. Yay me.

Blog alternative:
76. Find a moment when you're not so very positive & get out of it. (email me if you want tips on how to do so)