Wednesday, August 1, 2007

But I still don't own a comb...

Okay, people who know me will laugh.

Sheepish drum roll: I bought a television. A 20-inch Sharp LCD flatscreen, on sale. Sigh.

I haven't had television since May 2003, & have been dang proud of it. But, the occasional dvd might be cool. (Oh, & I bought a dvd player too. $29.99)

Most of the time it's going to live on some sort of cart behind my bedroom door, so I can roll it to the end of the bed & watch movies. Or take it into the living room if I have company.

Enough of the media news. It's still not going to be a major part of my life. Writing (especially when my screenplay software arrives) & painting & meditating & doing healing stuff & walking & furniture/stuff design. (Gotta figure out how to turn that last into a lucrative venture--I have tons of good ideas flowing into me these days.)

Tomorrow I'm going to Abingdon for a prescreening of Stardust & a visit with my friends Karen & Charles. Should be a blast.

Blog alternative:
72. Think about the things you've chosen to acquire in your life. Do they still all serve you? Then think about the things you've chosen not to acquire. Is that working?