Friday, August 3, 2007

Pardon me: Do you have an umbrella big enough to cover the pool?

Comfort Inn parking lot. I'm sitting at a picnic table in my swimming suit in the shade. (Still a Minnesotan at the epidermal level. Grin. Actually, being a Norwegian, German, Scottish chick, I was epidermally-aligned with Minnesota at birth.) Just ate gooey leftover chocolate cake & drank tea with cream & sugar.

This evening I'll go hang out with Karen & Charles & whoever else they have around. In the intervening 3-4 hours I'll dip back into the pool & write a little & paint a little. Maybe go to the festival, but not sure, since I just Bele Chered. Might be festivaled out.

I checked the tracking on Final Draft. It has arrived at my P.O.Box. Which means I'll get it Monday, for I have no intention of racing back Saturday morning to present my little you got something too big for your box slip before the counter closes.

My friend Cathy in Seattle (do I mention her every blog? nearly) is going rollerskating tonight. As a child she went 4 times a week or so & was really good at it. Inline skates hurt her feet, so she was ecstatic to discover that roller skates are back in & she can rent them!

I on the other hand lived in a place where pavement was hard to come by. That & the fact that I was differently-coordinated & had weak ankles meant roller skates are not a thing of joy for me. The few times I went to roller rinks I mostly clutched the wall. Our idea of ice skating was to dig out skates that didn't fit well (I have very wide, short feet with a high arch & high instep--structurally sound, but not made for hand-me-down skates) after the water system overflowed down the hill & froze. There were downhill icy patches between the rocks & wild rose bushes & pine trees.

So, I will celebrate skating through Cathy.

This leads me to--

Blog alternative:
74. Dust off some beloved childhood pastime. Rollerskating. Ice skating. Jacks. Hopscotch. Hula hoops. (I'm not going to recommend that you consult your physician first, but don't blame me if that hula hoop hip action does something to your spinal column that it didn't do when you were a kid.)