Friday, August 24, 2007

Pretty please, with raindrops on top

A Friday, with rain. Happily I watch the drops hit the coffee shop window. We got a little last night as well, but I'm always glad to see rain. ('Course, I'm glad even if I'm not seeing rain.)

I thinned out my collection a bit & got $26.25 from a local used book store. There are still books I am willing to release into the world, so that will be nice.

I am back from the beach, obviously, but have yet to completely put away everything I took there. I also have yet to write a to-be-creatively-delivered letter to Bill, although I did come up with a concept that involves lots of sand. Maybe I should just write a regular old stuff-it-in-an-envelope letter, as the to-be-creatively-delivered part is slowing me up even more than my less-than-fabulous history of corresponding warrants. (I guess today is my overuse-of-hyphens day.) (Plus parentheses.) (As per usual.)

I've been writing more, walking less, painting less and meditating more than usual. Reading more. Talking on the phone a little bit more. Watching dvds more. Blogging less. Seems like a good balance. I'm guessing the blogging will pick up again. And the walking!

Have a couple of top-secret projects going on. I'd post them here, but then I'd have to track all of you down and ask you pretty please not to tell anyone and I am definitely NOT computer savvy enough to do that. (Track you down, I mean. I've got pretty please completely mastered.)

I wonder what the thunder is applauding so enthusiastically.

Blog alternative:
78. Go through your books & take a few (or a flurry) to a used book store.