Sunday, September 26, 2010

At the hub of the universe, I got out my tools

hand at the hub of the universe

Rain is falling, gently.

I have learned about creating natural gas in a 55-gallon drum & various other energy things. I have learned some mixed media collaging techniques & created 2 collages. I have walked & taken photographs & tidied up my personal universe a bit. Oh, & done laundry & written poetry & planned a syllabus for a future class & studied expressive arts & acting & journey dance. Sudoku & conversation & grocery shopping. A busy week with plenty of quiet & contemplative mixed in. Played cards. Watched a movie or two. Office-y stuff. Dishes. Refrigerator rearranging.

Blog alternative:
187. Lie down on the floor & close your eyes & imagine your heart expanding past the confines of your body.