Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back by popular demand: hot pink & her buddies, lime green & purple

fresh clean bedding

When I was a kid, the extra supercool colors were hot pink & lime green, or hot pink & purple. We (girls anyway) wanted everything to be one of those 2 color combinations. You can see by this twirly shot of my laundry that my inner teenager is alive & well.

The electrician has been banging away--we're converting a former tool storage room into an art studio/meditation space/hang-out. It's a fun process & involves a cute little glass block window.

Somehow, in the last couple of days, it has turned into fall. How does that happen? In a few days, my children will be a quarter of a century old. How does that happen? I wonder what their equivalent of hot pink & purple/lime green will be.

After my class this afternoon (Journey Dance) I had another visit with some interesting people who came here from Minnesota. Last week I met the man, doing sudoku while I was reading a magazine article on the rise of women in just about everything. I told him I was from Montana & he asked if I'd ever heard of the Stillwater River. I told him I grew up spitting distance from it (a slight exaggeration, perhaps, but I could see it from the kitchen window) & he said a few years ago he was buying groceries in the one store in some town that started with A... (Milligan's IGA in Absarokee, where I went to high school.) How does that happen?

Blog alternative:
189. Think about some favorite things from your past. How are they showing up now, if they are?