Monday, September 20, 2010

Chaos invited the trees to the poker game

Elizabeth greeted the tree

I greet you with the same delight.

This photo (& several thousand siblings) was taken in the North Carolina Landscape Arboretum, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. I lived in Olmsted County in Minnesota for 24 years, named for the aforesaid Fred & my initials are LAW, so I'm pleased at all the little connections.

Tomorrow I begin 2 new classes at the Reuter Center. (Supposedly the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, but I like to think of the last 2 words as "Continual ReCreation.") One is called Creativity, Chaos & Consciousness (the necessary supplies are oil pastels & a big blank sketchbook) & the other is Acting Up & Acting Out, which is (surprise) theatric in nature. I am looking forward to them a great deal.

At my semi-regular poker game last Thursday I won 10 cents. Lost my initial $20 on trip nines vs. my pocket aces but built back up in the second half of the evening. I'm still the big winner so far, having taken home an extra $37 the first night & $11 the second. You can see we're a low-stakes, friendly game. But we still like to win. Grin.

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186. Touch a tree. Deliberately. Lovingly. Wonderingly.