Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Kudzu Wrangle rides off into the sunrise

the "before" picture of my closet
after the closet shelf had fallen down, with all inhabitants

The end of February's first week. Feb is excited (we're close friends, so I get to call her Feb) because she gets an extra day this year. She's a little sensitive about her duration -- it's called "short month's syndrome" -- so she tries to pack things in. Snow. Warm spells. Valentine's Day. When none of the other months were interested, she even bid on (successfully!) Groundhog's Day.

We have groundhogs here. We call them beavers, because that's what the little boy who used to live here called them (his last name is Beavers). The little ones are so cute. They are eating machines, which is good, since there's a ton of kudzu around. Kudzu is a very underutilized creature. I'm thinking of adding Itinerant Kudzu Wrangler to my job description & wandering around into people's yards, offering to train their kudzu into a gazebo.

Time for coffee & a shower & trying on a bunch of clothes. I bought a Groupon for Picture People in the mall & am going to be photographed.

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