Saturday, February 25, 2012

Warm-alicious, do the dishes

dandelion & little blue flower

February has been warm-alicious. Things are blooming & popping up. The birds are happy, if confused. Today it is a bit more seasonal, with wind & a high of 46, but that's still warmish rather than conformish.

I shall art today, of the visual sort. Walk, at least a bit. Perhaps play a bit of poker at Buffalo Wild Wings. Straighten up things. Do laundry. Maybe even some further closet cleansing. (The urge to purge.) Assemblage. Collage. Photographage.

So many things. Time to get to 'em. &--throwing in the kitchen sink--I've already smoothified some fruits & vegetables & imbibed the resulting elixir & washed up the dishes.

Blog alternative:
225. (Which is fun, because it's 2/25, if you happen to do dates that way. I don't. I like to go from most changing-y thing (day) to medium changing-y thing (month) to least changing-y thing (year) as in 25 February 2012. The other great thing about doing it that way is that it gets rid of commas in dates.) (But, I digress...) Ahem, 225. Search for signs of spring, even if it's just the idea for spring cleaning in your own space.