Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hub Cap Champagne

in the kitchen, a bag of light

This is where I explain that I've gotten back into habit & somehow that feels "write-y" enough that I blog less. Perhaps I will find the balance soon. Also, as you may see if I don't catch them all, I have the habit of not using capital letters (except for I) as I merrily type away on my daily 3 page equivalent. Ah well.

The spelling bee this month was an informal affair that involved dollars not at all, as the only participants (I shall not even call us competitors, as there was no eliminating) were myself & my ex-doctor-pilot friend Joe (from Buffalo Wild Wings, where he watches sports & has a drink or 2 while I play poker & have a beer) who is a very good speller & Mary, who has fun with it while she bartends at Olive or Twist. We just sat around & spelled. Joe is definitely going to give me a run for my money if we end up in actual competition mode.

The other new news sort of thing is that we had our first ballroom dance class on Monday night in Black Mountain. Very stimulating. Plus you get incredibly tired just moving your feet in the same step pattern over & over. Although it was billed as a four-session beginning waltz & swing class, there were quite a few people there who had taken it one or more times & the instructor moved pretty quickly from one thing to another. We looked at each other & moved back into practicing the basic box. That was enough. Get at home inside the basic box & THEN you can move out into the world of turns & such. It was fun & also included an exploration (solo & tandem) of various Black Mountain shops.

I believe I shall pop out for another bag of light soon. Return a movie to the post office (The First Olympics: Athens, 1896 -- part 2 to Blockbuster Online) & one to the library (Coco Before Chanel). Life, she be so good.

Blog alternative:
224. Pick up some free art supplies from the ground. Yesterday I found pieces of a broken cup, several mardi gras feathery boa bits with grass & mulch & dirt added, & who knows what all else. Use them in a collage or even just put them in a wine glass in a sunny window. (Unless one of your art supplies was a hub cap, as I found a couple of days ago. I do not recommend putting a hub cap in a wine glass.)