Wednesday, February 13, 2019

All Good Things, Overflowing

I have bowls on top of my cupboards. Every time I look at them, or think of them, I feel the words I have assigned to them. I imagine those concepts spilling from them, filling my home, my city, my planet, the universe. Two are bamboo, one is wood & one is glass.

Peace is a shallow bowl. It doesn't take much for it to spill out. A moment of alignment. A breath.

Prosperity is deeper. You have to trust the workings of it, know that it's rising &--in good time--will overflow. You have to trust that you don't know all the ingredients. It's there when you can't see it.

Mystery. A tiny dark wooden bowl. Every life needs mystery. But perhaps not as much as some of the other necessary things. Grin.

Inspiration is crystal clear, comes in & out from the sides as well as from overflowing.

I wish for you Peace, Prosperity, Mystery & Inspiration.

Blog alternative:
320. Put a container, small or large, in a high place. (Sure, it can be an imaginary container!) What would you have it spill out into your life--& into the universe?