Thursday, February 7, 2019

Spoiler Alert: Boring story. Nothing much happens. Yay!

This is a picture of my mommy & daddy at Christmas time. Laughing & happy. But my dad was having some issues with not feeling up to par so he was scheduled to have a looksee (technical term) in the bloodways (another technical term) around his everloving (& that's a lot of loving) heart. If they found blockage, they could potentially put in a stent.

Not an uncommon procedure. Usually goes well. Still, when it's your everloving daddy...

Cathy Tenzo made me laugh when I told her about it. "I hope it's a boring story," she said. As in, nothing much happens & the characters don't get too stressed out & there are no plot twists or complications & then someone eats a sandwich & watches TV & goes to bed early.

I had the feeling it might be that because my brother Mikol was going to call me if there were problems & wake me up, but if it was all copacetic, he was going to just text me & let me wake up at my own time.

Yay, hurray, that's what happened. No drama. One longish stent that took care of 2 blocks. Everything seems to be going well. He should be feeling better after this.

Blog alternative:
319. Tell yourself a story about some upcoming event that's been on your mind. Make it really boring. No drama. No hoohaw. No folderol. I came, I saw, I sat on a park bench with a delicious snack after it was all over. I didn't litter. Went home satisfied, in time to see Vanna's dress on Wheel of Fortune.