Thursday, February 28, 2019

And now, during the word from our sponsors...

A fun bumpersticker:
We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?
For a long time I gave up broadcast television. I'm afraid I was a little (or a lot) "less-viewier-than-thou." Grin. I've since gotten back on the bandwidth wagon. The commercials do annoy me, but if that's what it takes to watch The Voice or various flavors of NCIS or Bull, so be it. (I just have an over-the-airwaves antenna, so no pausing for me.) (& I purposefully have NOT signed up for streaming services, as I already watch as much TV as I want to fit into my schedule by taking in what's limited-ly available.) So, commercials it is.

Except last night I utilized the commercials in a very productive way: entering poems/story parts/ideas from a notebook into a computer file. I'd been procrastinating, but heck, I could type stuff in for the length of a commercial break. It was awesome. & I'm already planning using the TV marketing to do my own marketing, once I'm caught up & have things in files & revised. I have been known, once or twice, unlike all other writers, (grin), to shy away from submitting poems & stories & novels. (If by shy away, one means run screaming in the other direction & then hide under the bed.)

This could be very commercially successful! Bite-sized chunks. I couldn't write during commercials, but interruptible tasks are great.

Blog alternative:
322. Come up with a good task for the commercial breaks. It could be as simple as folding towels. Maybe doing laps in the living room. (Walking laps, rather than swimming, unless your living room is a lot different than mine.)