Monday, July 2, 2007

What NOT to do on your summer vacation

Miles City, Montana.

Remember when I was talking about my trip & there was that magic happens here, probably involving a car portion, about getting from Montana to Minnesota. Well, close...

Turns out you can't do one-way car rentals from Miles City, Montana. So, after hanging out with my ex-in-laws for a little while longer, which is lovely, as I was only going to barely get to see them, I am getting on a bus. At 3:10 a.m. My son will pick me up on the other end, about 16 hours later. Instead of driving, I get to meditate & sleep & stare out the window & maybe write or draw--we'll have to see how that sits with the old semi-circular canals. Reading in the car gives me motion sickness, so writing & drawing may be out as well. But, hey, I can easily sleep & meditate & stare out the window for 16 hours.

Time for another bulleted list, arranged in categories:

Animal health:
  • R.J. the dog, still on the mend last I heard. (I assume someone would have told me if this was not the case.)
  • Tadpoles not looking good. Apparently the rains around Asheville have been missing the parking lot at the Arboretum.
  • One buck deer near mile marker 32, I94, probably dead.
Fun things to do--& no, I am NOT being facetious:
  • Attend your dad's all-school reunion & reconnect with aunts & uncles & cousins, oh my!
  • Hang out with your ex-in-laws for a while.
NOT on the top 10 list:
  • Hit a deer in your parents' Cadillac. Especially a buck. Sigh.
Blog Alternative:
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