Monday, July 16, 2007

Breakfast cereal & tattoos: one cop's opinion

It is confirmed. The Arboretum parking lot tadpoles are no more. The Arboretum is still beautiful & green, but it will have to get its frogs & toads from another location.

Cops are buying coffee at the wi-fi place; planning buffet suppers at the Grove Park Inn, should a Friday evening schedule permit;
giving opinions on the best of the available breakfast cereal flavors; admiring barista tattoos. (One of the baristas has a scissors tattooed across her wrist, where she has a scar. The cop thought it was a little creepy. He does like Cinnamon Toast Crunch though.)

I am feeling increasingly resettled, which is much better than feeling increasingly unsettled. Now I just have to decide if I am going to maintain the scheduled plan of heading back to Montana at the end of the month or if I am going to stay home. Current leaning is toward home....

Here is a new meditation I came up with:

Blessed, beloved other (this can be friend, lover, child, etc.)
I thank thee.

Blessed, beloved self
I thank thee.

Blessed, beloved universe
who gave birth to us
who we continually give birth to
I thank thee.

Blog alternative:
66. Make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for yourself & a friend. (Or, if you're not into carbs right now, spread peanut butter on chunks of cheese--that's tasty, too.)