Tuesday, July 17, 2007

French Vanilla Pigeon English

Now I'm scared. The program to write my blog automatically selected the font I always use. Perhaps it's reading my mind. Perhaps it's recording my habits. Perhaps it has taken over & I am no longer blogging. Do I exist? Would you know if I had ceased, as long as someone--a prescient program, a stranger with too much time on his/her hands, a government agency--continues to write this semi-random collection of thoughts.

Inspired by the venue:

"I thought French Vanilla meant it had eggs."
"AIDS? Oh, eggs. I thought you said the French Vanilla has AIDS."

One of the baristas here just started reading a Laurell K. Hamilton novel & was interested to hear that I've met Ms. Hamilton. I related the story of when we met at a Nebula Awards weekend. We were sitting in one of the rooms visiting & a highly-intoxicated & terribly-disappointed-not-to-have-won-a-Nebula-that-year writer came over to talk to us. He took my hand & raised it to his mouth. I thought he was going to kiss it, but no.

He licked my hand.

A few years later, at a different Nebula banquet, the guy sitting next to me leaned over & nipped me on the shoulder. Too nice to strangers? Irresistible shoulders? Drawn inexorably into a nexus of weirdness? (I confess; I felt compelled to use inexorably & nexus in the same sentence. Twice.)

Inspired by Cathy:

My friend Cathy talks to pigeons. She says hello, tells them how beautiful they are, etcetera. The other day she was going to a store & heard someone else talking to pigeons, a highly-intoxicated someone. She noted that she was pleased to realize other people have to be drunk to lower their societal inhibitions enough to talk to pigeons, but not her!

I can relate. In the last couple days I've talked to stray cats (I know, not much of a stretch), a black snake, & assorted flowers. At least pigeons talk back to you, even if you can't understand their language. (Pigeon English? Grin.)

Blog alternative:

67. Talk to something most people don't talk to. Tell it (flower, black snake, pigeon, etc.) how happy you are that it exists. Bonus points if you give specific details.