Saturday, July 28, 2007

Smoked turkey leg soup & Self Portait as Sun Goddess

Bele Chere. All of downtown Asheville is transformed into a street festival. Music & vendors of food & drink & goods. The weather is perfect for it: rained this morning & very slight sprinkles spitter-sputtering occasionally today, which means it's cool & overcast & people aren't getting overheated & crabby & sunburnt.

I walked through the festivities yesterday on the way to pick up my mail from the P.O. box. Listened a little & looked a little & spent not a penny. Today I bought a T-shirt (What would Tesla do?) & a turkey leg. Now I'm at a coffee shop blogging around for a little while before I traipse back through the party. I'll stop at the co-op on the way home & buy a few veggies so I can make soup out of the rest of my turkey leg.

A couple days ago a new young friend of mine was talking about the fact that her mother didn't like her & the last words she'd said to her were on the order of you disgust me. I jumped up & gave her a big ole hug & said I'd be an extra mom for her if she wanted. The next time I saw her I gave her a little heart-shaped post-it note that said
I love you completely, infinitely, immeasurably.
You are perfect as you are.
I trust your path.
You choose (always).
Then I told her that in a profound way, we are all the fathers & mothers to our selves, & those statements will be truly meaningful when she can say them to herself. She said it would be a while. But that's okay. I trust her path! Grin.

My boys are off in Montana right now, having fun with the relatives. As fabulous as it would have been to see them there together, I did what was perfect for me & stayed home. The rewards for honoring my self are flowing in: paintings (including Self Portrait as Sun Goddess) & ideas & tremendous meditation & spiritual growth. So, to those of you in Montana I am not face to face with this week, know that I am heart to heart with you.

Blog alternative:
71. Make soup. Even if it's just a can of Campbell's. Bonus if you boil something up to make the stock yourself. (Smoked turkey leg, wild celery, etc.)