Monday, July 23, 2007

But what's my motivation?

O frabjous day. (Thank you, Lewis Carroll.)

Got a call this morning from Gabe's mom & we made arrangements for them to come to my apartment after she picked him up from his film-making camp. So I did a little more straightening up--love that external motivation. My apartment wasn't too bad anyway, because I've been keeping it nice for me--love that internal motivation.

After our lovely visit, I walked to the post office to pick up my mail. There was a woman picking up trash with one of those nifty reachy claw things & I thanked her for doing it. She was clearly NOT a post office employee, but rather someone who had chosen to do this task. She said she didn't feel like doing it so I asked why she was then. "Because it's God's earth," she said simply, & picked up another piece of trash. I started picking stuff up & putting it in her bag.

She told me the area around the post office used to be much worse & thought perhaps it was in part better because of her work. I agreed with her, as I bet people who saw her--she's 4 months shy of her 80th birthday--picking up trash would think twice, or maybe even 80 times, before throwing more down. She says sometimes even grown men pick things up & put them in her bag. Her back was bothering her today. If Sears sold new backs, she'd get one. She's hoping by the time she turns 80, someone will take over for her & she won't have to do it any more.

I offered to do some healing energy on her, but she felt self-conscious about it, so I told her I could do it by long distance & would give her a treatment when I got where I was going. Which I did, but on the way to getting there I picked up some trash first...

Here's to Jean. Not sure if she spells it that way, but I'm sure your good wishes, prayers, healing energy, thanks, etcetera, will get to her.

Speaking of film-making, I finally ordered my copy of Final Draft. This new movie idea really has me excited! Also, I'm going to get trained in so I can work at my favorite gallery when they need extra help. Plus I have another healing session for a different Wisconsin woman. Coolness abounds.

Blog alternative:
70. Pick up 4 pieces of trash, at your post office or your office or a random street corner or a favorite park. Or pick up 80 pieces, if Jean really inspires you.