Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Catch-&-release fishing in the river of light

Whilst the blog languished, the Laurel did not. Since Friday August the 24th, I have had many wonderful happenings, some of which (those that I remember) I will share with you now.

The biggie:

I started looking at houses. Saw a listing for one that had two houses and another building on the lot, which would have gotten me started right away on my plans to become a land baron(ess). After talking to the guy on the phone, I got the idea that this one wouldn't be quite my house, but I also felt a twinge of intuition that by going to see it I would find my house.

The first property was okay, in a kinda sorta way. Started driving around the neighborhood, writing down for-sale numbers & addresses. Then--ta da--another for sale sign, leading down a driveway behind a fence...

Turned out to be a really cool property, with potential to build. So I got info from the realtor & made an appointment to see it, with a savvy friend who knows about building. He gave it the thumbs-up & I got myself pre-approved for a loan at my bank on my way home. That meant another visit to the realtor to put an offer in, which required lots of signaturing & initialling of pages. Then it was in their court.

Curious as to how it came out?

I made an offer.
They countered.
I counter countered.
They counter counter countered.
I counter counter counter countered.
They held firm.
I counter counter counter counter countered.
They soulsearched & respectfully said that the previous was their rockbottom price.
I respectfully declined to pay it.

It hadn't been on the (sucky) real estate market long, so they weren't desperate to sell yet. If it hangs out for a while, I asked the realtor to let me know. It could still happen. Or something better...

In the meantime, I live in a gorgeous (cheap!) apartment that I love & am not desperate to move. I can keep looking, at my leisure.

I've read several great books since last I posted.

The Path of the Dreamhealer
, by Adam, which has so much great information for everyone interested in healing themselves or others--or just being happy.

The Master Key System, by Charles Haanel. This is a FASCINATING book. It was published in book form in 1912, after being a correspondence course. You would not be able to tell by the language or the concepts that it originated at that time. For example, if you get the book--Barnes & Noble re-issued it--look at page 136, section 10. If you get the .pdf from somewhere--it's in public domain, after all--search for "cellular telephones." Remember, this is from the very early 1900s... I think you don't have to work quite as hard as he suggests to get what you want, but it's amazing work, & very clear.

Getting Things Done, by David Allen. My son Nick recommended this to me. I think he just read the Wikipedia article, but his mama went out & bought the book. Even though it's very corporate-culture business-y, I think the concepts & practices will be very useful to me. I've scheduled Thursday & Friday this week to get everything in my "inbox" & getting "in" to "empty." I'll let you know how that goes. Nick is way ahead of me--not 22 yet & already getting things done. Grin.

Tonight I get to see Diana Gabaldon at Malaprop's. A thousand years ago, when email addresses were just numbers, we were on the Litforum on Compuserve together, when she sold Outlander.

I guess this is enough of a catch-up. Maybe I'll tell you about some dvds I've seen recently in the next blog or two.

Blog alternative:
79. Sit down in a quiet (or noisy, if it doesn't make any difference to you) room & pretend/imagine/remember/know that you are part of the infinite river of light, love, perfect abundance, perfect knowing, etcetera. Feel it flow through you. Let it bring things in & wash things away. Repeat as desired.