Monday, September 24, 2007

Capricious free range wi-fi & a preschooler from Milwaukee

Yesterday I had a painting partner at a coffee shop in Hendersonville. I was going to go for a walk but it was a little warm (meaning upper 80s!) so I decided to coffee shop it instead. Had to put on long sleeves to survive the airconditioning. Go figure.

So I was there, trying out my new cute watercolor set. A young family from Milwaukee was hanging out & I invited the biggest little girl--3 years old--to join me, telling her parents that yes, I knew she might mess the paints up a little & no, it didn't matter if she mushed the brush down on the paper, because I'd bought those brushes to share. Her name was Ciara (pronounced keara) which I thought was interesting because a thousand years ago on the school bus to & from Absarokee High in Montana (30 miles one way)
my friend Kathy & I had an elaborate fantasy where she was Diana Elizabeth Carringon Courtland & I was Ciara (pronounced sierra) Marie Saint-James. We spent a lot of time talking about our time on the French Riviera. Anyway, Ciara (no matter how you pronounce it) & I had fun painting, even after the owner turned the lights off over our table. He wasn't trying to get rid of us--it was just that they were playing a skateboarding movie on the TV. So I soaked up a little teen culture as well, while I painted in the semi-dark...

Now it's bed time. Goodnight everyone. Or good morning or afternoon if that's when you're reading this. Happy insomnia? Merry coffee break? Grin.

(Okay, so I'm writing this at bedtime, but the free range organic wi-fi that has been blithely dancing through my apartment has decided to high-tail it to other airspace, so I'll have to post the blog tomorrow sometime, further lending confusion to time specific good wishes. Plus it could capriciously decide to return before I "hang up" & I might post it tonight after all....)

Blog alternative:
83. Read random paragraphs in 3 different books & see what--if any--connections you can make. (If a resulting idea makes you a million dollars, think fondly of me. Grin again.)