Monday, September 17, 2007

Hidden messages & Very Favorite Beans

In my dream, there were all these neighborhood dogs coming into my house, which I then had to let out so they could go home. It turned out there was an underground passage that I couldn't close off. Weird. No, I am NOT thinking of getting a dog.

Still thinking about getting a house. Stuff percolating that has required some sleuthing. Something may or may not come out of it in terms of physical real estate, but my mental & spiritual real estate has already expanded just in the learning process, so I consider all the steps part of a WIN WIN WIN (& on & on) process.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop. (What a surprise, I know.) This morning I was really tired & slept in--hence the dog dream--& after I got up was trying to figure out what to do. Started a pot of Very Favorite Beans (navy bean & ham soup, for those not in the know) & then tried to figure out what got me excited in the way of projects. I'm still emptying the In box in the Getting Things Done process, but I didn't want to just jump into that. So I started a painting: spread some gesso over an old painting. In the wet gesso I wrote--one big letter at a time--I used to believe in lack & limitation, but no more. Now I know affluence & joy & love. Then I signed my name, again a letter at a time, & sorta smoothed over it with a palette knife. So, to those not in the know, it looks like a textured white background, but you know that there's a powerful message on that canvas already, before any line or shape or color has been applied!

Then, because gesso must dry, I got to work on the organizing a bit. I put old notebooks in these boxes I bought at Staples. Read a few pages in one that was open, which turned out to be my very first notebook from college, 30 years ago, almost to the week. Fascinating to see what was going on in my little 18-yr-old head & heart. One thing I mentioned was that I missed my little brother Mikol (almost 11 years younger than I am) so I took the opportunity to call him & visit for a few minutes. I told him he & the family would have to come see me some time & he agreed, in a general sort of way. Then I told him I was making Very Favorite Beans & he said, "I'm hopping on the next plane. They should be done when I get there!" He's too busy to mean that, but there's a big power in those old shared comfort foods. If I could have wafted the smell to him as well, he might well be here by now...

Time to meditate & drink my coffee & walk home. The gesso should be dry now. Who knows what the painting will be.

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81. Cook (or assemble, if it's something like celery with peanut butter) an old favorite comfort food.