Monday, September 10, 2007

I see a red couch, & a trip to a bookstore

been too busy
Getting Things Done
to blog.

you should see my living room,
which has been transformed into a giant "inbox"
(no you shouldn't, on second thought)

but, I have been going through things
relatively expeditiously
& it's been fun!

just went back to Staples for my second box of manila folders.

also heard Diana Gabaldon & went to an opening at the Haen Gallery, where I got to meet the fabulous G. C. Myers. I owned 2 of his paintings. Took them in to get them personalized & the little painting began shopping for a brother. So now I own 3....

Went to a party at a friend's house & decided not to have a bad memory for names. I pretty much easily & quickly learned & retained the names of Caroline, Bridget, Caleo, Lynn, Cathy, Barrie, Rainbow, Avtar, Leah, Laurie, Anna, Barrie, Ingrid & John. Surprised myself as much as the others when I rattled them off. (I'm probably mis-spelling some of them.)

After working on the inbox (aka, the living room) on Saturday, I went to a pizza/movie with a new friend for her birthday (there were 3 of us & we had a blast) She's psychic--she held onto my glasses & told me a number of things, including that I have a red couch & a massage table (neither of which she had any way of knowing).

tonight is a literary event at Malaprop's:
my friends Charles deLint & Charles Vess will be there, as well as the fabulous Karen Schaffer, who is (thank you thank you thank you) responsible for my Ashevillean existence.

gotta go
more later
just wanted to say hi
& I haven't forgotten you

oh yeah

Blog alternative:
80. Think of a country you've always wanted to travel to. Learn something about it via Wikipedia, or the encyclopedia, or an atlas. (I have another friend who's thinking of taking a trip--to Turkey!)