Sunday, September 30, 2007

"In Defense of Selfishness" & other 2nd-place speeches

Last week, when I bought the toaster, I also bought a little coffeemaker, the four-cup size. Not only that, but also this truly nifty ground coffee dispenser. You squeeze a button on the handle & it dispenses exactly a tablespoon--kachung--in the basket of your coffeemaker. It isn't picky though, & would dispense coffee on your floor or in your bathtub or wherever else you decided to squeeze the handle. So far I have opted for the basket of my coffeemaker.

I just walked back from Malaprop's. Yet another reading/signing. This was Bud Harris, a Jungian analyst who has several books published. The newest is The Fire and the Rose, about spirituality & sexuality. I bought that & another called Sacred Selfishness. I gave a speech at a Toastmaster's speech contest once called "In Defense of Selfishness." It was perfect; I got second place, which meant a nice little plaque (I use it for a coaster now) & no need to practice the speech again & go on the next contest.

I told my friend Cathy this, when she was about to participate in her first speech contest. Unlike me, she joined Toastmasters because she was already good at public speaking & enjoyed it & wanted to further develop her talents. I joined because my voice shook in front of the best audience in the world: 3rd graders. Anyway, I improved enough to get at least second place in a speech contest. The morning after Cathy's contest she called to tell me her results. "Did you get a coaster?" I asked. She replied that it's hard to set a cup of coffee on a trophy. She won! Yay Cathy.

She & I both spent more time Getting Things Done today. I threw out some old index cards from 1987 & such that showed where various (mostly not-so-very-good) stories & poems had been rejected. I did keep the ones (a nice stack, if I do say so myself) that showed acceptances.

Okay, so more Things to Get Done.

Remember, I'm only blogging to get my numbers up. Grin. Tomorrow I can start with the sheer joy of blogging again.

Blog Alternative:
85. Be selfish. Think of something that you want to do. You. Not someone else. Want. Not ought to or should. Want. Then do it!