Thursday, November 15, 2018

Deliberately Delicious Decades

So far, every decade has been my favorite. Not every year & certainly not every moment or every week. But a decade is a long enough span to allow the years & weeks & moments to average out & show the broader trends--up & in & deeper & more & less--more peace, less fussing about what other people think. Deeper understanding of who I really am. Yeah, a decade is a fine thing.

I start my decades on the "zero" years, so my next birthday will commence a new decade. I am anticipating great things. It is nice to end the 50s with a surge of creativity & house-in-order.

Blog alternative:

308. Think about your current decade. What could you do to bump it closer to the top fave list? More self care? Less "news" watching? More hanging out with good friends? Less hanging out with "habit" people who drain you rather than fill you? (Just say NO!)