Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lilies of the Pond

Here is a picture of a water lily in Asheville, North Carolina. Consider the lilies of the pond, they neither toil nor spin, but I defy anyone--Solomon included--to look purtier.

This reminded me of a short video I saw on Facebook recently, a nattily-attired gentleman who spoke of his rich aunt, with all her pretty things that she was saving for a special occasion. Then she died. He decided (age 9? I don't remember exactly) at that time to always dress for a party.

I like party clothes. Anyone who's seen me at science fiction conventions may remember my extensive collection of what I call "prom dresses." I've since trimmed my closet down, but I can still glam up with the best of them. (As long as I'm wearing comfortable shoes. No high heels for me!)

But over the years I started wearing mostly jeans & T-shirts, although I love silk & ruffles &--be still my heart!--fringe. So, in the last few weeks, I've been wearing more fun stuff. Leopard print bell bottom jeans. Silky green shirts. Necklaces. Fun clothes. A bit of glam, with the only event being "Hey, It's Today."

Blog alternative:

310. Finger through your closet. Pet some pretty clothes you haven't worn in a while. Don something fun. If the fun clothes don't fit, take them to a thrift store or a consignment store or give them to someone skinnier or fatter. Then pick up something fun for you. (My velvet black & zebra-print jacket was $6 at GoodWill...)