Saturday, November 24, 2018

Goodness Creep

My kitchen window, with bubble wrap, plastic
things & glass things & tambourines & pure fun.
Sun protection & privacy & lots of daily joy!
You know how it happens, things are in pretty good shape & you do one little thing that's a little messy. & then you let something else slide, just a little, & wham bam, no thank you ma'am, you've got a mess. Badness creep.

It can happen the other way, too. Goodness creep. Like when my friend Terry Garey planted flowers in her front yard on a block in South Minneapolis that had its share of degradation & crack houses. But her flowers tipped the scale & pretty soon people were painting their Victorian gingerbread & planting their own flowers & the crack houses were on their way out. Goodness, creeping bud by bud by blossom.

So, I decided to just put a couple things away & that led me to a couple more & pretty soon the place was spiffed up again.

Blog alternative:

309. Pick up something that's been bugging you. One little thing. Give yourself credit for contributing to goodness creep. (Even if you've been dancing with badness creep up until then...)