Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Attack of the Giant Nautical Device, and other street art

No posts for several days because I have been BUSY. The poet/artist collaboration reception at the Crossings Gallery in Zumbrota, which was the best yet. My poem received many huzzahs. A fabulous poetry meeting in Mankato with keynote by Chet Corey. And DRIVING. From Rochester to Oberlin and Oberlin to a Super8 in Marrietta, Ohio, and Marrietta to Asheville. Many wonderful things in Oberlin, which will be detailed later.

I have arrived back home--home meaning Asheville, of course. Got in about an hour ago and put the finishing touches on my art resume and I'm at the Dripolator now. In about an hour I'll choose paintings for the ladies and gentlemen of the jury
and take those over.

Speaking of art--and I can only tell you this because it is extremely unlikely students at Oberlin will be reading my blog so Nick gave me permission to post the dark details--I went on a guerrilla art expedition Sunday night after I arrived at Oberlin. I took Nick and his roommate George out for Mexican food and saw their room and then we all went to bed early to try and get a couple hours of sleep before--

Okay, I haven't heard their actual theme music yet, so I keep erroneously playing Mission Impossible music in my head but you get the idea. Yes! Just as you suspected! At 3 a.m. the other members of OSA (Oberlin Street Art, a highly-confidential organization) and I converged on Nick and George's room and stealthily stole into the night with string and sidewalk chalk and masking tape and spray bottles of water and a bag of charcoal and butcher paper on which was traced a large nautical device. And chocolate, of course. (The milk, to fix it, came later.)

It was cold(ish) and windy and people's hands suffered mightily as we chalked this giant device (picture to follow as soon as I get one) on the concrete by the science building. But we prevailed and art was born, sometime around 6:33 a.m.

How often does one get to participate in top secret art with ones son? It was dramatic. And later on Monday, between naps and classes and food (breakfast at Dascomb and supper at Stevenson, if there are any Obies out there) Nick and I got together and I looked at his billions of pictures from his China trip and his Scotland trip (both this year) and Rochester and Oberlin stuff, including his giant snowman and other street art and the ninja grappling hook that George gifted him with for Christmas or birthday or somesuch. Plus we painted with my cute little watercolor set and then I gave it to him, along with a bunch of le Pens, which are his favorite art medium. I will have to hasten out for another Winsor and Newton compact watercolor set, lest I go into withdrawal. It is not wise to cold-turkey art supplies...

So, there you have it. More information than you needed on my last few days. But, if you have made it this far, here is your reward: The strangest thing I saw on the interstate today was a swimming pool. Baby blue, deep end and all. I hope it made it through the tunnel.