Sunday, April 22, 2007

Please, don't eat the birdseed. Chirp.

happy earthday to we
happy birthday to me
happy everything to everyone

I would not go back to any other decade for anything. Or even any other year. I keep saying each year is the best so far, and then the next gets better.

I began the day by watching the sunrise from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then we drove up a little farther, to the Tanbark Overlook, and watched the sun rise again. And then there was breakfast at this great new restaurant called Azaleas. Walking and meditation in the Arboretum. Bacon cheeseburger and hash browns at Waffle House. Feeding birds (and cats) to celebrate earthday. Walking around Lake Junalaska--and I used a bottle of spring water I found in a parking lot to wash a bronze Jesus's feet. A quick trip to Waynesville. Back to Asheville by sunset. Now I'm drinking a mocha shake at the Dripolator. Magic in the air. Yee-haw!

I forgot to put a blog alternative for the last post, so here are two:

29. Find some mud, take your shoes off, rediscover skwushing (it just has to be a word)
30. Make a circle of birdseed on a picnic table. (and don't eat it, unless you're really hungry)

And a wish for you all:
May tomorrow begin the best year of your life so far, and may the trend continue.

Must be getting forgetful in my old (hah!) age, as I forgot to charge my laptop last night. Down to 15% battery power. Better publish and perish.