Monday, April 30, 2007

Carrot juice

Wow, if your (real or imaginary) executive assistant is as hard-working as mine, you're exhausted! The two of us worked for 4 hours, with another spate scheduled for Wednesday. I just drank some fresh-squeezed carrot juice to rejuvenate. I think it worked.

Maybe only partially rejuvenated, because I can't think of anything really cosmic to say. So, I'll just go with my standard blessing:

peace & strength
joy & wisdom
love & gratitude

perfect healing
body mind heart & soul
in this & all times

perfect abundance
body mind heart & soul
in this & all times

all is well
in this & all times

all you need is within you

all you do not need
let it go

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37. go through a bag o' stuff or a box o' stuff (I know you've got at least one!) and do something with something.