Sunday, April 29, 2007

Imaginary executive assistants & the twelfth elf


The birthday week is over.


the American Express guy I talked to on the phone a few days ago said some friends of his celebrate their birthdays every month on the birthday day. So hello the 22nd of everything! (On May 22nd I'll be forty eight & one twelfth. (Hmmm, I never noticed that twelfth has an elf in it. Cool.))

Today was another walking day, this time in the arboretum. And oh, the rhododendron show! Some of them smelled SO good. Especially the white ones. And fabulous meditation and great ideas and--

Maybe the birthday week isn't over after all.

My executive assistant is coming over tomorrow for a couple hours to help me get the apartment in order. I'm looking forward to the day--soon--when I can pay her what she's worth.

Here's a tip though. Even an imaginary executive assistant is tremendously valuable. My first E.A. was 12, the visiting step-niece of a friend of mine. She came over to my apartment and painted purty pictures, with actual work to be done on the next visit (art supplies and space was her payment) but then she got sick and couldn't help out before she had to return to North Dakota. However, when I thought she was coming over, I spent a bunch of time getting things ready so she could be useful, which meant that I looked through my papers and threw a bunch of stuff away. Worth her weight in gold, she was.

So now, I have an actual executive assistant. She worked for me for 2 hours in February. Now both of our schedules have opened up and there's no limit to what we can accomplish.

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36. Hire an executive assistant (real or imaginary) and prepare to work together.