Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snow falling on spruces

below see the entire text of an email from Bill, who set up this blog, mostly against my wishy-washy wishes:

(evil chuckle)

I'm coffee shopping again, this time at Caribou, across from St. Marys Hospital. (No, that is correct--it really doesn't possess an apostrophe.) I'm tracking down dates of long-forgotten gallery shows of my paintings for the art resume.

Tonight I will take Zach & Jessica to supper, unless Zach is asleep. He flew to Nashville with a friend yesterday morning and they bought a car and drove it back. Didn't hit snow until Waterloo, Iowa, but then it was brutal. Zach had only Tuesday off, had to be at work first thing Wednesday morning. That's car guys for you. No distance too far for the perfect car.

change of venue:
I am now sitting in my exhusband's house, visiting with him (and sort of with his girlfriend as well, as they're IMing) while I wait for Zach to arrive. It is so nice to have a positive relationship. Makes the world a better place. Looking out the window, I see a mourning dove--one of my favorite birds--and snow falling on the black hills spruces we planted when I made my first big writing sale: $500 in 1984 for a Woman's World mini-mystery. I bought ten $50 trees. Now, when I'm here, I can see how tall my career is. I recommend it for writers. If you don't have a place to plant a tree, go to a park and adopt a baby tree when you make your first sale.

Wait a minute, you might say, snow? Isn't it April 11th?

Yes, but this is Minnesota. (If it's any consolation to Minnesotans who are feeling defensive, the jet stream dipped down and it snowed in Asheville in the last week as well. One of my friends at Toastmasters, Louis, said in his opinion there were two seasons in Minnesota: winter and bad sledding weather.)

Had a fun interaction at Caribou, where I overheard a new Mayo resident and her mom looking for an apartment, so I recommended my old apartment, which was really cool, and then ended up doing some energy work on the mom's hand. Hope it helps!