Thursday, October 4, 2007

John Denver & purple potatoes

Today, October 4th, is
tres especial
for it is the--
ta da!
of my children.
22 years ago, 2 days before my due date, I had twins without an epidural
(Breathing exercises rock!)
& now, 2 fabulous beings are gracing the planet with their lives.
Yee haw!
I am fortunate. Not every mother is quite so fond of her children.

I just got back from a concert featuring the music of John Denver. In my living room--& this was before I knew about the concert--is a music stand with the John Denver Songbook open on it. No lie. (Just don't ask me the last time I tuned up my guitar & played any of those songs. Grin. I did cut the fingernails on my left hand the other day because I was considering picking up the guitar. At least it's a step.)

I made soup today. Boiled most of a rotisserie chicken to make stock (white meat is boring, so I usually just eat the legs & thighs & make soup out of the rest) & chopped up a bunch of veggies--including purple potatoes & an orange beet--from the co-op that's near my apartment. It turned out totally delish. Needs a bit more salt, but that's what salt shakers are for. I did save some of the white meat to make chicken salad sandwiches. I'll put in some pine nuts & celery & red grapes...I think it will be the first time I've made chicken salad in my life. Live boldly, I say! Step off the cliff. Make--gasp!--chicken salad.

It's almost 11, so I'm going to--please dear wi-fi--post this before today becomes tomorrow. (Except it will still be today & somehow today will have become yesterday. How does that work?)

Blog alternative:
86. Think of some ordinary food--like chicken salad--that you've never made & make it. Or put purple potatoes in your soup.