Tuesday, October 16, 2007

17th wash--tea bag seems to be dying...

Sitting at a coffee shop in Weaverville, drinking tea. Actually, having drunk tea, as the cup is empty after a teabag was woefully over-steeped. Some bags you can get 3 washes & others would have been a lot better off with 2.... (One sad example of this has been discarded already.) I have also already eaten one mini cheese biscuit & a bowl of lentil soup. Possibly some dessert-y/pastry-y purchase coming up.

Visited with a couple gentlemen I met here a few months ago. I recommended Son of the Morning Star by Evan S. Connell to one, who is a retired history professor from UNCA & he recommended that I watch Pam's Labyringth & Bridge to Terabithia. (B to T I read many years ago.)

We may have rain today, which Cathy & Nick would celebrate with me, but which causes many persons to glum about. We three, however, are the thunderstorm triumphirate, the puddle jumpers, the if it's raining let's have a parade! types. I remember fondly one walk I took with Nick when I was picking him up from a chess club or some sort of thing like that: We were about to get into my car & it began to sprinkle so we immediately changed our minds & took a walk instead. The heavens opened up for us. By the time we'd gone a block we were as drenched as we could be. The gutters turned into rivers & we splashed in them enthusiastically & energetically. I think we walked a couple of miles in the warm dark wet night. It was awesome. To prolong the festivities, we even walked up to this nursing home near Assisi Heights because we thought my friend Karla worked there. (Turned out she worked at another one with the same name near downtown.) Ah, rain!

I'm working on a short story & rereading a book (Ask and It Is Given) & designing even more furniture (one woke me up at one a.m. & insisted that I sketch it) & an organizy-thing for my journal & oh, life is good.

Hope the same is true for you.

Blog alternative:
88. (Gotta love that number!) Over a cup of (properly-steeped) tea (or its equivalent, if you're not a tea fan), contemplate your favorite numbers. Also think about rain, in Spain or elsewhere. Think about why you like it or why you hate it or why you're indifferent to it. Then decide if you want to change your opinion.