Friday, October 26, 2007

"Come visit me & be poked full of holes & get your head put on straight.." "Okay!"

My friend Linda has gotten into all sorts of things she's never done before. Yesterday was her first acupuncture treatment & today she is getting her atlas correctly installed & tomorrow we're going to an Art of Allowing workshop. We've done a little dining out & some walking at the Arboretum & I took her to look at this house I might buy. It was supposed to be all rainy & cool while she was here, but today was sunny & 70, so that made her even happier than usual. I think I'll take her to the Grove Park Inn tonight or tomorrow, if she wants to see the fancy dancy side of things.

She & I have been having the best time talking about everything--we've known each other since 1982 or 83. (I'm sure I could figure out approximately the day we met, because it was in a community college writing class, but I'm feeling lazy right now & am not going to track down my report cards...) (I do know I got an A.) I got on the internet & looked up the other Linda that we met in that class--the 3 of us formed a writer's group--& left her a phone message. She moved away from Rochester 20 years ago or something like that, so it would be fun to talk to her. (Of course, the person I found could be some other Linda with the same last name & same husband's name who will have no idea who I am...)

I'm going to "hang up" now.

Blog alternative:
91. Look up someone (or some 2) from your past (I like the site, but there are probably others) & see if you can find them. You don't have to actually contact them--especially if there are a bunch of listings in various states that could be them--but at least think of them fondly. Who knows, you might even want to call or write....