Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dead Sea Mudpuppy

I'm getting just a teeny bit more blog-savvy: I just figured out how to change the date on a mis-dated post. (Just a teeny bit, though, because I'm not entirely sure why it was wrong in the first place.)

I have had the most amazing few days in terms of essential well-being. (Okay, so the raspberry cream cheese Danish might not make nutritionists everywhere applaud, but it made my mouth very happy.)

On Saturday I had my atlas (the C1 cervical vertebra) correctly installed. According to the folks that do such work, in most people it is out of place. I seem to have left the details in my car (it involves a procedure developed in Switzerland & there are 7 people in the U.S. who are certified to do it) & am too lazy & comfortable to go find them for you right now, having my feet up on this great lounge-y section of a couch at a coffee shop, but I'll let you know later the url of the website that talks about it & shows a video. I felt different right away & presumably will continue to improve. I'll keep you posted. My muscles tend to be very tight, so the guy really dug into the shoulder massage at the end & promised I'd be sore the next day. (He wasn't lying.)

On Sunday I saw a Mexican psychic who does aura reading & healing. (I saw her in March & it is a very powerful experience.)

On Tuesday, after I posted the blog entry for the day, I stopped at a spa in Weaverville (The Secret Garden) just to get info about possible future treats & ended up booking the Ancient Clay session, which involves hot Dead Sea mud & a bath with salt & rosemary & a massage. Ohmygosh was it splendid. Just what my (as-promised) sore muscles needed.

Today was acupuncture with Eli. (At Mystic Journeys, in case you're within a 50-mile radius of Asheville, or in case you're coming to visit.)

I feel so good!

Plus, the therapist at the Secret Garden inspired me to start a novel, based on her name. I jotted down a few words yesterday & as we e-speak (or as I e-write & before I e-post) I have 1532 words! I haven't been excited about writing a novel for a couple years now, so this feels great.

The battery is slowly sinking into the west & the coffee is ingested & the guy who always talks too loud has been talking too loud about baseball statistics & various other topics for some time now. So, time to post & go.

Blog alternative:
89. Imagine some health care treat (sitting down & putting your feet up for a minute, or drinking a glass of water, or a getting a massage) & think about making an appointment with someone who can make it happen--your couch or your faucet or a massage therapist. It's okay if thinking about it as far as you go at first, but then think about making it happen. (& then maybe do it...)