Sunday, October 14, 2007

Patented leather shoes

Yeah, I know--

It's not looking good for the good guys. The 14th of October & this is only my second post. What can I say, other than I've been having fun not blogging. Designing furniture & luggage & weird things with LEDs. Visiting with friends, old & new. Walking, as mundanely as downtown & as elevatedly as Black Balsam, which has 360 degree views of mountains as far you can see. (It just occurred to me that every view, even in a closet, is as far as you can see. But this was farther than most.) Lots of lovely meditating.

Can't tell you about my designing, of course, having just read Protecting Your #1 Asset, by Michael A. Lechter, Esq. Not a real page-turner, if you know what I mean, but probably books about patent, trademark & copyright law are not supposed to be. I'm coming to the conclusion that I'd better get rich on my writing so I can afford a patent lawyer to handle all the details of getting my brilliant creations out to the waiting public. (Oh, you're just going to love them!)

Speaking of getting rich on writing:

By the end of this month I will have heard from 2--count 'em--different editors on 2 different novels. I have another one about ready to send out. Okay, you heard it here: by the end of this month (I mean October 2007) I will have sent out The Secret Life of Suzuki England. Yikes. The 3 of you who haven't given up in the 10 days since I last posted will now hold me accountable. Good thing I don't know who you are. Oh, rats--Cathy. I know you'll keep checking. Sigh. So I am accountable. (She knows where I live...)

Shortly & sweetly, I salute you. I could pretend that I'm off to work on that novel, but no. I think I'll eat supper, as yet undefined. I did just start a new short story, which was fun.

Blog alternative:
87. Find a high place & see as far as you can see. Then, close your eyes in a quiet (or noisy) place & see as far as you can see. Compare & contrast. From which can you see farther?